Your Hands Are Feet

This project me and Sarah Rothberg have created a VR experience on the Oculus Touch, we will debut a trailer experiece at the Engadget Alternative Realities Festival at the United Artist Theater in LA November 14th, 2017, we’ve applied for Sundance and hopefully the experience will tour to a location near you or be downloadable :). Kat Mustatea  at Forbes wrote a great article about the project and this project won the Engadget Prize for $100,000, you can learn more about our project and the other winners here.

Parts of City

Parts of City By Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Sam Lavigne Performance for video collaboration using Audiogrep, an open source procedural editing tool developed by Sam Lavigne. iPhone video, NTSC 2015 Parts of City analyzes the grammar of exploration. The performer documents herself exploring the city and systematically verbalizes the sights sounds and smells of her city. The video is transcribed using speech to text software and programmatically edited and categorized according to frequently stated words.

Say Indian

Say Indian by Amelia Winger-Bearskin procedurally edited video using VideoGrip an open source command line tool originated by Sam Lavgine the above is a 2 minute selection the entire video is played on an infinate loop and projected on a screen as part of Bumbershoot 2014 as part of Wendy Red Star’s Wild West Congress of Rough Riders  


Created by Sharang Biswas, Pierre Depaz, Adam Jackrel and Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Treason is an espionage-themed, multimedia, interactive theatrical experience, featuring elements of improvisational performance and role-playing games. It uses a cooperative game-like structure: by working together as a group with an unseen agent, players uncover a narrative that explores themes of cyber-security and surveillance. Participants are able to deconstruct and examine their relationships to power and authority through these simulated predicaments. Part of this years GAME PLAY Festival at the BRICK theater in Williamsburg Brooklyn an article about Treason and the Game Play Festival


by Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Michael Ricca for Luke DuBois Class Live Image Processing for Live Perofrmance Video by John Ricca

Solar Stitching

Managing E-Waste in Africa and creating a maker resource online at a project for DESIGN FOR UNICEFclass at NYU – ITP –  Presented to UNICEF Innovation Lab December 13th 2013 at the UNICEF Headquarters in New York City. by Rocío Almanza-Guillén, Shilpan Bhagat, Amelia Winger-Bearskin What are we doing? Generating energy opportunities around proper e-waste management, specifically from solar panels. What is the goal of Hosting simple how to videos and a visual guide anyone can use to: *  repair solar panels *  build new solar panels from broken cells *  use solar powered soldering techniques *  use a variety …


Hidden and UnTagable Eyewear Celebs and adulterers:  for a night out or a clandestine encounter, these shades will keep you shaded from unwanted photographs and Facebook walls. Using infrared and ultra bright LEDs these glasses make your face unrecognizable (and un-taged) in photographs while keeping you looking stylish and uninhibited. H.A.U.T.E. was part of Wearable Tech Event Fall 2013 at Huge in DUMBO. From the event press: “Google Glass has revolutionized the way people make fun of wearable tech. But being-ripe-for-parody aside, there is no doubt that wearable tech is here to stay. Many of us have thought about purchasing …

Touching the Voice

a vocal instrument using the LeapMotion   Created with Processing (LeapMotion Library for Processing, Minim and OSC5 to Max/MSP )   Touching the Voice is an instrument for the voice. It makes visible expressions of the human instrument with intimate hand gestures. I use the LEAP as a voice control tool for live performance rather than the Kinect because of the ability for quiet movements to articulate the intimate voice (the microphone voice). I would like the gestures that a vocal performance has naturally those small articulations of the hands that are used in vocal performance to help the singer …

exchange archive

THE EXCHANGE ARCHIVE a research database for projects about exchange. From unconventional dialogue to reciprocity systems, the Exchange Archive supports research about contemporary exchange practices.We aim to support artistic research by making legible the people, ideas, and materials that surround exchange-based work today.The Exchange Archive highlights connections between works.   WHO WE ARE: The Exchange Archive was conceived, designed, and developed as a collaboration between the MultiAgency Collective and Caroline Woolard, as part of MoMA Studio: Exchange Café. MultiAgency Collective: (in alphabetical order) Amelia Winger-Bearskin is an Interactive Performance Artist living in Brooklyn. She has been a solo performer at numerous international performance festivals and art biennials …

Free Money / Free Performance

A Kickstarter Performance Link to Original Kickstarter In this performance I raised money on Kickstarter, all the money that was raised I handed out on the street in $1 increments to anyone who wanted some. Handing out money was the performance- this performance was broadcast live as part of Low Lives 4 performance festival. This performance was brought to you by Jaime Mendoza of Chicago, IL (because that was the kickstarter level he contributed at) These are the other people who donated money that was handed out to random people on the street: (in no order) Jill Pangallo, Noah Hutton, Brooke Gassiot, Richard …

AmbienT Transformation

ambienTTransformation, 2009 video, honey and Goldleaf, sleep walking during the effects of Ambien, 2009 Part of Culture Halls Video Art Presentation at the BIG SCREEN PLAZA in Chelsea NYC a few articles about AmbienTTransformation: Nashville Scene “Amelia Winger-Bearskin performs while sleepwalking in her video AmbienTTransformation Her actions are surreal and grotesque, yet familiar in that they resemble the application of makeup. She seems unaware of the camera, yet is gazing at herself in a mirror.” David B. Smith From CultureHall  

Look Like You Have Been in a Fight Cabaret

I went to a local High School in Beijing the ISP International School Of Beijing and collected childhood fight stories from 3 of the classes. These stories were used in the karaoke cabaret, and myself and fellow performer Xixi Chen, wore fight makeup during the performance. We then taught the audience how to apply the fight makeup and then we all looked like we’d been in a fight. This was performed for the 10th Annual Open Art Performance Art Festival in Beijing, China in the 798 District