Free Money / Free Performance

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Free Money / Free Performance

A Kickstarter Performance

Link to Original Kickstarter

In this performance I raised money on Kickstarter, all the money that was raised I handed out on the street in $1 increments to anyone who wanted some. Handing out money was the performance- this performance was broadcast live as part of Low Lives 4 performance festival.

This performance was brought to you by Jaime Mendoza of Chicago, IL (because that was the kickstarter level he contributed at)

These are the other people who donated money that was handed out to random people on the street:

(in no order)

Jill Pangallo, Noah Hutton, Brooke Gassiot, Richard Lloyd, Dwayne Butcher, Jamie Gannon, Jorge Rojas, Tyler Campbell, Sean Thurman and Pallavi Banerjee

Broadcast live from downtown Nashville as part of the live networked performance festival Low Lives 4

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