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Hidden and UnTagable Eyewear


Celebs and adulterers:  for a night out or a clandestine encounter, these shades will keep you shaded from unwanted photographs and Facebook walls.

Using infrared and ultra bright LEDs these glasses make your face unrecognizable (and un-taged) in photographs while keeping you looking stylish and uninhibited.

H.A.U.T.E. was part of Wearable Tech Event Fall 2013 at Huge in DUMBO.
From the event press:

“Google Glass has revolutionized the way people make fun of wearable tech. But being-ripe-for-parody aside, there is no doubt that wearable tech is here to stay. Many of us have thought about purchasing a Pebble watch or a Nike Fuel Band, and these well known products only scratch the surface of what’s possible with current tech.”

Technical.ly did a write up on the event and posted some photos as well

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